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New counters, cupboards and a beautiful range hood can give your kitchen that special something.

Made In the USA

Custom Kitchen Cabinets & Design

This gorgeous kitchen counter area is equipped with 2 spice racks in perfect proximity to with the gas range.

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Sorting through the endless sea of inspiration and options available now can be overwhelming and can sometimes prolong the process indefinitely. At Urban Custom Kitchens & Design, our goal is to make it simple, helping you design the kitchen space that you really want. We provide wood and stain swatches, allowing you to customize your kitchen finishes.

As your design team and custom cabinet builder, we help you select the amenities and modern features to provide you with the most functional kitchen for your lifestyle.

Stand mixer cabinets, appliance drawers, custom shelving, and more unique features can be easily built into your design, adding accessibility and breathing new life into your current kitchen layout.

Customize Your Cabinets
Enjoy the view outside from your newly renovated kitchen.
An island can provide the extra counter space your need and help to fill wasted space in your kitchen.